Espresso Game Platform

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" Espresso Game Platform " is expected to be a general-purpose game platform, written in java, that can be reused for developping different kinds of games such as ACT, RPG or SLG. It provides for game developers with a framework for game development.

The first version of "Espresso Game Platform" is developped by ZHENG Zhong, a chinese java developper, from Oct. 2002 to Dec. 2002, during the spare time of his internship at Sun Microsystems, iForce Ready Center Paris. Every noon, after diner, he was used to taking a cup of coffee called "espresso". That's why he calls this project "espresso". ;-)

Now there are two editions of Espresso Game Platform. The Standard Edition is written in J2SE, while the Mobile Edition (ME) is written in J2ME (MIDP 2.0, Game API).

This project is registered at on 2003-05-15.

Espresso Standard Edition

Now the Standard Edition of Espresso has the following features:

  • Support extensible game roles and game events.
  • Support rolling map and view window.
  • Support multiple game screens.
  • Support multiple players.
  • Support both orthogonal map and non-orthogonal map.
  • Support game scenario switching.

Espresso Mobile Edition

The Mo bile Edition of Espresso is an extension of the package included in MIDP 2.0. It facilitates the mobile game development by providing more features:

  • A game event mechanisme implementation in package , through which the interactions among game objects may be implemented.
  • Seperation of model-view-controller in game objects.
  • View window controls integrated in class .
  • Main game loop implementation in class .
  • Some game UI components implementation in package .

About the Author

My name is ZHENG Zhong (heavyz on the internet). Graduated from Nanjing University, Departement of Computer Science and Technology, in China, i am now studying for my ingeneer's diploma in Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Departement Ingenierie Mathematique et Informatique, in Paris. You can get in touch with me via the following email addresses: