JFox(J2EE Application Server Implementation Project)

JFox is a lightweight javaEE application server

JFox is a lightweight javaEE application server for Java 5,brought to you by JFox Team.

The JFox application server is primarily intended to address the needs of JavaEE developers building medium, large, and massive-scale high-performance enterprise applications.

JFox 3 Overview

* JFox 3 is designed to be a lightweight Java EE Application Server support EJB3 & JPA, to ensure application based on Java EE/EJB can be developed rapidly and simply.
* JFox 3 is based on redesigned IoC micro kernel, embrace OSGi modularize ideas.
* JFox 3 is designed to pluggable airchitect, it can be embedded in any Web Server.
* JFox 3 enable EJB3, API spec, it supports in-container and out-container runtime EJB component.
* JFox 3 support directly EJB publish as Web Service.
* JFox 3 support transaction and 2PC with JOTM.
* JFox 3 support XA DataSource with XAPool and smart connection pool technology
* JFox 3 support application module deployment, help to enhance modularize development features.
* JFox 3 supply a management module in order to monitor app server at runtime.
* JFox 3 supply a rewrite Petsotre sample with EJB 3, JPA, MVC Framework.

JFox 3 Architecture

JFox 3 Difference

JFox provides several unique differentiators over other products.

Realize Greater Organizational Flexibility

JFox can help you achieve greater organizational flexibility better than any other solution in the market in four important ways:

* Service-Oriented Applications - JFox enables rapid development of service-oriented applications that can be deployed and managed on a robust SOA platform. It also allows you to wrap existing applications and legacy systems as services without rewriting them.
* Integrated Development Service - JFox provides you with integrated development service to allow you to make better decisions faster.

Eliminate Middleware Complexity

JFox can reduce your costs and middleware complexity better than any solution available from any other vendor. JFox differs from other market solutions in three key areas:

* Unified Web Application Framework - JFox provides a single integrated design time environment to develop enterprise applications, to compose Web Application, to inject EJB with annonation. You learn one tool to target the entire platform.
* Unified Deployment Architecture – JFox provides a common architecture for scalability, availability, resource management, security, and metadata management. You spend less time integrating your middleware infrastructure. * Easy to Adopt – All of the platform suite components are built upon and support industry standards, to ensure that they can be incrementally adopted and easily integrated into an organization’s existing information technology infrastructure.JFox can help you achieve the best total value of opportunity by reducing your development costs, by reducing your deployment costs, and by reducing ongoing maintenance costs, thus providing you with the fastest return on your investment.

* Download JFox 3.0
* 下载《JFox 3.0 参考指南》
* Deme - Console
* Demo - Petstore
* JFox 3.0 JavaDoc

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