News and Status

This document contains the latest news and status regarding the JFoxMQ project. It is here you'll find announcements related to JFoxMQ.

Current Status

We are currently working on JFoxMQ 0.5 Beta 1. We are now trying to eliminate as many bugs as we can moving toward the 1.0 release.

7 February 2003 - Integrat Link3 to JFox project!

We integrated Link3 to JFox project, and rename JFoxMQ in order to integrate all of our resource under JFox (J2EE Application Server Platform)

18 November 2002 - Release Link3 design documentation!

We released Link3 design documentation, and discussed how to implement link3.

18 September 2002 - Launch sub project jms core engine!

We launched sub project jms core engine , and implemented jms message model.

30 July 2002 - change Project name - HIntegraion to Link3!

We change the project name - HIntegration to Link3, which means use it to link third-party.

20 July 2002 - Add JMS Guild PPT file!

We wrote a ppt file about what's JMS and how to use JMS.

28 June - Founder Chen took part in link3 team!

Founder Chen took part in HIntegration team, and served as a project leader.

18 June 2002 - Start HIntegration Project

The HIntegration team is now starting and release proposal design doc.