Skyeye Project

  The ARM simulation environment for OS learning & developing

No need for real hardware! 


Project is created and managed by: YuChen

Last update: 05/06/2003

(Chinese Version)

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What is Skyeye ?

     SkyEye is an Open Source Software Project. The goal of SkyEye is to provide an integrated simulation environment in Linux and Windows. SkyEye environment simulates typical Embedded Computer Systems (Now it supports Atmel AT91 board based on ARM7TDMI CPU). You can run some Embedded Operation System such as uClinux, uc/OS-II etc in SkyEye, and analyze or debug them at source level.

     SkyEye Project provides an effective means for those who want to study and develop under Embedded Operating Systems while they have no corresponding hardware. If you want to study and develop under Linux or other Embedded Computer Systems, Welcome to use SkyEye Simulation Software. You are also welcoming to do some contribution in developing SkyEye. You will benefit from a large developer community.


05/06/2003 SkyEye-v0.2.6 etc. are released.

03/01/2003 SkyEye-v0.2 softwares are released.

02/21/2003 English version of skyeye website is opened.

02/20/2003 New version of Skyeye, ucosII4Skyeye, uClinux4Skyeye are released!


ChenYu ( [email protected] )

fiasco ( [email protected] )

LiMing ( [email protected] )

WangLimi ( [email protected] )

YangYe ( [email protected] )

SongZhenyu([email protected])

Downloads: (all newest softwares are in开源项目的站点镜像/SkyEye/ )


    SyEye Ver 0.26

    Based on armulator, supports nework (8019AS simulation) simulation. It runs on Linux and needs root previledge. Please read SkyEye.README first.

 OS samples:

    uC/OS-II for SkyEye Ver1.8

    uC/OSII v2.51 port for Skyeye v0.2+. It integrats with a TCP/IP stack---LwIP v0.5.3 and has the UART driver, NE2000 network driver for Skyeye. Now there are five samples to show different features. Please read readme and installguide.txt first.

    uclinux for skyeye-Ver0.2

Based on uClinux-20020816, supports Skyeye v0.2+(added skyeye NE2k driver). You could ping/telnet host form uclinux or ping/telnet uclinux from host. Please read installguide.txt first.

ARM Linux 2.4.7 for skyeye-V1.0

Based on ARM Linux rmk7, support Skyeye v0.2.5+, now doesn’t support network.

Softwares needed by installing and using Skyeye:

gcc 2.96+

arm-elf-tools-20011219.tar.gz (from uClinux WebSite)

uClinux-dist-20020816.tar.gz (from uClinux WebSite)

uC/OS-II v2.5.1+ (from

ARM Linux rmk7 (from ARM linux site)





SkyEye Install  Guide


How to for install and use Skyeye and its OS samples in Linux

(please read README, installguide docs in newest software packages)






1.     simulated ARM720T (support MMU&Cache ).

2.     simulated board is AT91x40 board based on ARM7TDMI CPU core.

3.     simulated hardware: Timer, UART, 8019AS (NE2k compatable) 

4.     support running ARM Linux v2.4.7, uClinux v2.4.x , uC/OS-II v2.5.x  Operation Systems

5.     provide many samples for SkyEye Simulation Environment

6.     support network simulation based on tuntap, vnet  linux kernel module.


1.     add LCD simulation.

2.     support RT Linux, RTAI,… Operation System

3.     provide more samples for SkyEye Simulation Environment

4.     More... (need your help!)





SkyEye is released under GNU General Public License (GPL).  


Thanks to:

star ([email protected])