SkyEye Project

  The ARM simulation environment for OS learning & developing

No need for real hardware!

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Chinese related Sites:    

TM-Linux Group

AKA embedded

China Linux Forum

Linux Aid


China OS

OS related Sites:

uClinux: the famous embedded linux website

uC/OS-II: a very good embedded os website

Minix: linux is derived from it.

OSKit: The OSKit is a framework and a set of 34 component libraries oriented to operating systems, together with extensive documentation.

KURT-Linux: Kansas University Real-Time Linux

RT-Linux:: FSMLabs products are based on the ground-breaking RTCore hard real-time operating system, which uses Linux or BSD UNIX as an application server.  

RTAI: DIAPM RTAI - Realtime Application Interface

ARM linux: the main linux for ARM CPUs.

NET related Sites:

lwIP-A Lightweight TCP/IP Stack

uIP - TCP/IP implementation, suitable for systems with hundreds of bytes free RAM and a few kilobytes of free code space.

uC/IP - uC/IP is a BSD-based TCP/IP protocol stack for microcontrollers.

TinyTCP - A very slim TCP, IP, and FTP implementation.

WWWpic2 - Small HTTP/TCP/IP implementation for a PIC.

PIC Web Server - Small HTTP/TCP/IP/SLIP PIC implementation.


Hardware related Sites:

ARM : the ARM core CPU company

ATMEL : AT91 CPU based on ARM core